COVID- 19 information

Committed to ensure dedicated support in the fight against COVID- 19

Emcure’s approach to the COVID- 19 response

Innovating to provide accelerated healthcare assistance

As a leading healthcare company, Emcure Pharmaceuticals has been committed to not only make essential medications available, but also help the society in every step of the way without compromising the safety of our employees. Our focus has been to ensure smooth operation of supply chain, manufacturing and distribution channels, to deliver life-saving medicines in a reduced turnaround time.

Caring for employee health & safety

As one of the global healthcare company, Emcure Pharmaceuticals was focused on ensuring smooth and efficient functioning of all operations, amidst confirming to the lockdown directives by the government and challenges posed by the reduced workforce.

Serving the society

Staying true to our purpose of being ‘dedicated to making Effective Medicine to Cure patients and enabling healthier living’, Emcure Pharmaceuticals has always ensured all its actions positively impact the society. Through the spread of the COVID- 19 pandemic, we have taken mindful steps to further strengthen this commitment.

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