April 7, 2021

Emcure Pharmaceuticals launches ‘Uncondition Yourself’ – an initiative dedicated to women’s health and wellness

Pune, April 7th 2021: Emcure Pharmaceuticals, among the top 15 pharmaceutical companies in India, announced the launch of ‘Uncondition Yourself’ – an initiative dedicated towards women’s well-being. The campaign launched on the occasion of ‘World Health Day’ will seek to identify and address the prevalent notions and misconceptions about women’s health and well-being from cultural and social context in India. In the first phase, the campaign aims to put forth the challenges and connect with relevant influencers to initiate a step towards building a supportive ecosystem for women in the workforce. The campaign will involve on-ground engagement and online activities at a national level.

Speaking on the occasion, Ms. Namita Thapar, Executive Director, Emcure Pharmaceuticals, said, “Despite the economic advances we have made,  even today, issues related to women’s health are associated with irrational taboos. These lead to stigmatization and more worryingly holding back among women about their health issues.  Through the ‘Uncondition Yourself’ initiative we hope to bring to light important health issues India’s significant women workforce face, and to educate them to make informed choices in their day-to-day actions.”

The campaign is an outcome of an online talk show ‘Uncondition yourself with Namita’ featuring candid heart to heart conversations on women’s health issues, giving accurate information and dispelling various myths. This programme received a tremendous response which encouraged the company to launch its ‘Uncondition Yourself’ initiative to engage with a wider audience.

About Emcure Pharmaceuticals:

Emcure Pharmaceuticals Ltd. (EPL) is one of India’s leading pharmaceutical players headquartered in Pune with global footprint. Driven by technology and innovation, the company’s mission has been to develop and deliver Effective Medicines to Cure patients, enabling them to lead healthier lives. Established in 1981, the firm was founded by Mr. Satish Mehta who spotted an opportunity in contract manufacturing pharmaceuticals for MNCs. The company is 12th largest pharma player in India by market share. It is also a market leader in cardiac, gynaecology, blood-related and HIV antiviral therapy areas. It is also developing India’s first mRNA vaccine for the novel coronavirus using its in-house built platform.

Emcure develops and sells a wide range of branded and generic formulations, API and biotechnology products in over 70 markets including India, Europe, Canada, Russia and nations across Latin America and the Middle-East through a strong global network of 19 subsidiaries. The company’s diversified portfolio of offerings caters to pain & analgesics, vitamins, minerals and nutrients, anti-infectives, diabetes, and neuroscience segments. Its products are predominantly aimed at chronic therapy. Emcure has 13 manufacturing sites, 5 research centres, over 10,000 professionals working globally. Its state-of the-art R&D centres in India are recognized by the Department of Scientific & Industrial Research (DSIR).

To know more about Emcure, please visit: https://www.emcure.com/

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Media Contact Information:

Aasiya Shaikh: 9833503994

(Adfactors PR)

Syed Talal: 9987619679

(Adfactors PR)

To know more about Emcure, please visit:

Media Contact Information:
Aasiya Shaikh: 9833503994 (Adfactors PR)
Syed Talal: 9987619679 (Adfactors PR)
Naveen Soni: naveen.soni@emcure.co.in (Corporate Communications)

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